Our Products


Greet Solutions is a patented scanner technology that detects and recognizes registered users as they approach the physical premises of any business.

By enabling our clients to detect their customers, we enable a broad range of real-time services. These services include personalized greetings, pre-ordering of goods and services, personalized real-time promotions and frictionless entry through turnstiles and doors and movement tracking, and a broad range of analytics.

Greet is particularly effective at sites regularly visited by customers such as supermarkets, retail stores, takeout restaurants, workplaces, residential properties, gyms, and schools.  



Greet’s scanner instantly recognizes the signal of registered users as they enter the premises.


Once the user is recognized and identified, Greet enables our clients to automatically send messages to these registered users and to our client’s staff. In retail, for example, customers that have chosen to opt in to be recognized can elect to receive personalized messages, coupons and promotions tailored to their interests. This enables our clients to influence and direct customer behavior and purchases at exactly the right time.


Greet enables simultaneous messaging to our client’s staff. For example, at a bank Greet Instantly alerts customer service reps to the arrival of VIPs as they approach the bank’s branches.


Once alerted to the arrival of registered users, Greet’s clients can ‘greet’ clients in multiple ways.
Such greetings can be verbal or electronic to the users cell phone or other mobile devices.


Create a feeling of importance (VIP treatment) for your most valued clients with Greet’s ability to preemptively view each client’s profile before they even arrive.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Greet offers two complementary services:

Digital On-boarding – enabling our clients to offer digital on-boarding to new customers; and
Facial Authentication – enabling our clients to add facial authentication on a standalone basis or as a second factor authentication.



Customer Connection

People want desperately to bond with those around them, to feel appreciated and welcomed. Few companies are able to establish that strong connection.

Greet enables small-town familiarity and VIP treatment. When was the last time you entered a store, were greeted warmly by name and offered products or services selected especially for you?

Companies that connect meaningfully with customers are rewarded with loyalty, repeat business and enthusiastic word-of-mouth promotion.

First, Do No Harm!

GREET’s founders recognize the need for a service that accurately identifies only users who want to to be identified.

GREET’s proprietary and patented identification technology is an opt-in solution that is non-invasive, passive, accurate and in complete compliance with US and international privacy standards and regulations. To repeat, our technology never identifies anyone that does not wish to be identified.

Scalable, Easily Integrated and Secure

The GREET™ Solution service is sold as a Software Development Kit (SDK) that is scalable and easily installed either behind a client’s firewall or as a web-hosted solution.

All customer data remains with clients. Greet does not retain clients customer data or use such data for any other purpose. We never know the identity of our clients’ users…that information remains exclusively with our clients.